We bring together the people who change reality.

We are motivated to help people in their growth

Meetify has been created by a team passionate about helping people grow and get better. In a competitive world, the best way to grow is through collaboration and networking. We help people meet those key people to achieve their purposes and goals.

Meetify was born within global technology entities for people.

Meetify is an initiative that arises within HPI International, an international company dedicated to the development of Assessment systems for the world of human resources and higher education. Both companies, Meetify and HPI International are part of the LearninGroup International LLC consortium, based in the city of Austin, TX, United States.

The best things in life happen when we are with the right people.

In the 21st century, solutions require collaboration, networks and the ability to connect with the right people, who support and open up new development opportunities. Meetify helps you achieve this in a simple, reliable way, through the use of psychological models and artificial intelligence.
Connection Effectiveness

Our technology ensures that you will have the perfect match in each networking meeting.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients recommend us and point out that their experience is highly satisfactory.

Available Languages

Meetify is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese to help you connect.

What our clients are saying about us

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal for our company

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